2016 Amateur Wine Entry Form
Geyserville Chamber of Commerce

$9.00 Per Entry (2 bottles for each entry). Enter as many wines as you wish and list on one form. Complete all sections on form please!

Submit this form and entry fees by 5:00 pm, Tues March 8th Beverage People
1845 Piner Road Suite D
Santa Rosa CA
OR Bosworth & Son
21060 Geyserville Ave
Geyserville CA


Winery Label Name (If Applicable)


Print Exhibitor's First & Last Name


Mailing Address: Street Address, City, State, Zip





Email Address -REQUIRED




% Residual

Entry Fee


Total # of Entries            Total Entry Fee Due $              Total Amount Paid $              Check No.              
PAY VIA CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY and supply with this form in a sealed envelope with the 2 bottles of wine per entry to one of the drop locations. CHECKS PAYABLE TO GEYSERVILLE CHAMBER

PLEASE SUPPLY AN EMAIL ADDRESS so we can email you details on the awards dinner. Info will also be posted on Geyserville Chamber website and on the Amateur-Wines.com website.

Private judging will be Mon March 14th.

This year, the winners will be announced at the Geyserville Chamber Dinner on Tuesday May 10th, and posted on our website the day after the Dinner. In order to make sure you have a place at the Dinner, please sign up and pay now to reserve your spot. Reservations are $26.00 per person and includes both dinner and the wine.

Please reserve            places for me at the Dinner in advance and I have included $               to pay for the dinner(s).

We think it provides a nice element to the competition to be able to share the wines together at the dinner! We hope you attend to join in the experience too. Thank you for your support in this local wine event!

Please contact Ron Scheiber if questions 707-857-1724 or emailrls@hope-inns.com